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Disaster Recovery Solutions

A disaster is a situation in which critical components in the SAP environment become unavailable so that service cannot be resumed in a short period (less than a day as a general rule). A typical situation would be destruction of the hardware due to fire. The critical SAP system components are the database and the SAP application host instance that runs the enqueue and message services.


Disasters come in many flavors. Unfortunately, we do not get to choose our favorite flavors, nor do we get to select the time when we will be ready to sample their varieties. By their very nature, disasters are sudden, unexpected, and unwanted. Improved protection of vital assets

More cost-effective protection of vital information. The disaster plan is a close partner of business insurance and employee security Reduction of the Risk of Human Disasters.

Disaster plans serve as a catalyst for improved safety and security measures to reduce the risk of preventable, man-made disasters Improved Management.

The plan encourages the organization to review its essential requirements of the SAP system to the total organization, identify and correct potentially hazardous situations, measure the impact of specific disasters on personnel and operations, and assess its own ability to function effectively after a disaster.

Primetech has been actively involved in the processes, procedures, solutions, and advances in disaster recovery planning and testing of SAP systems. Primetech has developed a solution that ensures our customers receive the Industry Best solution for their environment.


Primetech’s unique approach to archiving projects comprises the following 2 elements:

  •  Disaster Recovery Plan Development
  • Disaster Recovery Testing


Primetech has a talented human resource having an average 4+ years of SAP experience and 10+ years of Industry experience. Our consultants have been able to prove their metal in the development and configuration support for a wide range of SAP disaster recovery.

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