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Solutions Manager

The SAP Solution Manager application facilitates technical support for distributed systems – with functionality that covers all key aspects of solution deployment, operation, and continuous

Improvement. As a centralized, robust application management and administration solution, SAP Solution Manager (SolMan) combines tools, content and direct access to SAP to increase the reliability of solutions and lower your Total Cost of Ownership.

With SAP Solution Manager, you can be sure your entire SAP solution environment is performing at its best. It addresses your entire IT environment, supporting SAP & non-SAP software, covering current and forthcoming SAP solutions. And, as an existing customer of SAP, you have full access to the core SAP Solution Manager at no extra charge.

SAP Solution Manager targets both technical and business aspects of your solutions, focusing strongly on core business processes. It supports the connection between business processes and the underlying IT infrastructure. As a result, it eases communication between your IT department and your lines of business.

As a SAP customer, you already own the solution… no additional purchase expenses! Implementing SAP Solution Manager automates many tasks (saving valuable man-hours) and is now even mandatory to receive the Early watch Support from SAP for some products.

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